I am an alien

We have been stuck indoors all day, following government advice like good citizens but getting restless around 5pm, we  jumped at the chance to go into Cuernavaca to get some bread. We ended up in the main shopping Plaza where Jaime and I looked like aliens with our Mexico City masks which, I would like to point out, are made from J-cloth this time.  They induce an immediate sweat which inevitably makes you look like you are seriously ill.  On top of this, hardly anyone is wearing them here, which means that you are immediately regarded with suspicion and a certain degree of animosity.   But even more surreal was the empty model train, pictured here, whizzing around the plaza, touting for customers, as if there was nothing amiss!

Although there have been restaurant and office closures in Cuernavaca it is nothing like the eerily quiets streets of Mexico City. However, one strange ruling is that those restaurants that choose to open are prohibited from selling alcohol. Baffled by the reasoning of officials, we can only presume that this is a bid to reduce the time one may want to linger over lunch.

Here masked figures are a rarity, except at the corner shop where I spotted these mannequins fashionably attired to resemble chilangos.

Otherwise, it was a day of rest, relaxation and reading. A welcome relief as we await the results of further tests around the globe.

I have also used the time to write about PEN's campaign to mark International Press Freedom Day on 3 May 2009. This year they focus on Mexico, the climate of impunity and how this affects freedom of expression. Please visit:  http://www.internationalpen.org.uk for further information.