The declining number of flu victims in Mexico has resulted in pockets of rebellion around the capital and beyond. Apparently, Mexico City’s renowned park, Chapultepec, was broken into today by residents who were tired of it being out of bounds – it’s a popular spot for runners.

I too have been feeling the effects of non-action, but when I innocently suggested to Jaime that I might visit the Equestrian centre in Cuernavaca today, and beg a ride, he looked truly appalled. We have since found out that after our jaunt to the Plaza on Friday, those shops daring to open and sell ‘non-essential’ items during a public ban have been fined. I guess the boutique, where I purchased what I consider a pretty essential swimming costume, will be one of the victims.

Some friends of Jaime’s parents came to visit today. They couldn’t understand why we extended our hands instead of proffering our cheeks for a kiss. One of them actually grabbed my arm and propelled me towards them in order to plant the obligatory kiss on my cheek. I desperately wanted to say – Soy Inglesa – I’m English! IE we don’t kiss, we don’t touch, we always keep our distance! But, in shock, I said nothing. They must have thought that we were very rude. They seemed to me blissfully unaware! Needless to say, Jaime and I rushed to the bathroom afterwards to wash our hands and Jaime even soaped his face.