Bluebells, Bourgainvillea and Jacaranda

We are gearing up for a little more normalcy, starting from tomorrow. Apparently the new edict is that ties are  banned in the workplace – they potentially harbour germs. Businessmen all over the city will be sporting the casual look – I wonder whether it will catch on permanently.

It’s officially rainy season, so we’ll be getting more thunderstorms like last night – probably every day now. Like so much else in Mexico they really are BIG here and often result in power cuts. I miss the subtlety of the changing seasons in the UK. Today, friends posted pictures of a camping trip and I could see that the bluebells were out.

I guess I am extremely fortunate to have been able to enjoy the stunning jacaranda blossom here - both are welcome signs of Spring -  and the riotous displays of bougainvillea (bugambilia)  that is everywhere in Mexico at this time of year is also breath-taking.

I know they are wanton and clamber over everything, happy to intertwine with friends and other members of their family, and that English bluebells are a little more restrained;  ‘spring-flowering bulbous perennials’, that are fussy about where they bed, only bloom with their 'own type' and are usually found in woods, but I suppose it is their mutual vibrancy that excites me and that they so defintively represent hope.

The Mexican flowers are particularly picturesque when set against colourful adobe walls.

In fact, it is very hard to say which I prefer. Strangely, despite their differences,  jacaranda blossom and bluebells remind me of each other  (it must be the similarity in colour -  and that they are both so pert and optimistic). English Bluebells , perhaps, have the edge. They have become rather more rare and, for me, remain a poignant reminder of a childhood spent in the bluebell woods of Oxfordshire.