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Lucy also teaches Creative Writing at the Working Men’s College in Camden.

Life writing Everyone has a story to tell. Learn how to transform your experiences and memories into stories that will resonate with your readers. Explore the various ways to approach life writing in this practical half-day course suitable for all abilities. This is a live online course via Zoom.

Creative Writing – an Introduction
This course is designed to stimulate your imagination and get you writing. If you have a desire to express yourself on paper or want help developing your creative writing skills this is the course for you. You will be encouraged to find your own voice through guided writing activities, share your work and receive feedback in a supportive atmosphere. This course provides a foundation to move on to more focused study on “Short Fiction and Poetry” and “The Writer’s Craft” in later terms.

Creative Writing – Short Fiction and Poetry (Mixed Level)
This ten week course is for those wanting to develop their creative writing skills in both poetry and short stories. We will explore short fiction forms such as fables and flash fiction and expand your skills in creating tension, characterisation and writing effective dialogue. You will write and receive feedback in a supportive atmosphere, learn further principles of good writing and identify how short stories are crafted differently from novels. You will recognise key elements of writing poetry and explore some of its different forms, create vivid imagery and understand how to make every word count. The course is also intended to inspire and promote your writing confidence.

Creative Writing – The Writer’s Craft (Mixed Level)
This ten week course is for those wanting to develop their creative writing skills. We will explore a range of methods to help you refine and strengthen your writing. We will look at the importance of place and landscape, how to write convincing villains, flashback, climax and resolution. One session will be dedicated to writing an effective synopsis of your work. The course is also intended to inspire and promote your writing confidence.

Lucy Popescu is an experienced creative writing tutor. Her publications include A Country to Call Home, A Country of Refuge, The Good Tourist and Another Sky. Lucy also reviews books, theatre and film and is chair of the Authors’ Club and its Best First Novel Award

If you are interested in joining Lucy's classes at the WMC please enrol online or in person by visiting Crowndale Road. Online click on the creative writing course you want to join and select enrol. Pay the fee online using your credit or debit card. You will receive an email confirmation and a payment receipt within one working day.

Lucy is a force for change, someone who will help inform your reading. Her encouragement and comments on written work are very valuable. You take them seriously  - they come from a published writer/critic/editor. With Lucy’s positive attitude and no nonsense approach, she will enable you to write from the heart, from your imagination and from memory, however nervous you may initially be. She enables the class to work collaboratively, all part of the fun. Caroline